Apologise to Southern Highlands people


SOUTHERN Highlands Governor William Powi, Joseph Kobol and Ps Bernard Kaku, the three regional candidates in the 2017 national general elections, owe an apology to the people of Southern Highlands.
They should apologise for depriving them from accessing basic government services.
Two important services that were destroyed were the judicial service and air transport in the province, forcing people to seek those services elsewhere.
The candidates and their supporters caused mayhem in the provincial capital.
Their actions left thousands of innocent people in fear.
The Southern Highlands people have a bad reputation because of that.
The innocent feel ashamed when they are in other provinces because other people label them as people with attitude problem.
People spend huge amounts of money to transport dead bodies back to the province while parents spend extra money on transportation of their children selected to tertiary institutions to travel to Kagamuga Airport in Western Highlands.
Wherever we went, we were regarded as lawbreakers who do not value government services.
Many students and mothers lost their properties such as wallets, mobile phones and some were even threatened at Mt Hagen bus stop.
This would not have happened if the candidates had controlled their supporters.
They have not apologised to the people and it shows that they do not have heart for the people.

Thomas Timnaik and Arnold Tis,
Youth Leaders,
Mendi-Munihu and Kagua-Erave