Apologise to the public for misleading them

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday November 6th, 2013

 I REFER to an article by a so-called leader of Misima Island.

All of the statements said about the people are misleading. 

It is proper that he apologises to the people.

To the issues he presented in his article on development needs for the people, one thing is for sure, Samarai-Muruwa is the lead district in Milne Bay and Southern region given its rate of implementation on DSIP funding.

The district to date has achieved an implementation rate of 70 percent of the fiscal funds it has received. 

Its rate of implementation is such while it faces extremity of the harsh maritime geography. 

This is achieved due to the responsive administration it has in place.

As their leader, I will provide the leadership for their benefit.


Gordon Wesley