Appeal to change song’s lyrics


We, the Mekeo people, would like to correct Martin Rawali of Azzimba Band who sings our tokples song Maupaisa.
One of the lines of the song was supposed to be kie kie and not kiai kiai.
Last Friday the Azzimba Band performed at a club in Port Moresby where Martin sang the song and the video of this song was uploaded on social media where we saw him repeating the same mistake in the lyrics therefore we would like to correct him.
He made the same mistake in one of his Coke Studio performances.
Any Mekeo living close to him, please pass the message to him.
This is insulting to the people of Mekeo.
Our tokples is our culture so in your next performance, please try and use the correct phrase.
Thank you.

Mangi Mekeo

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