Applicants cautioned

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The National , Monday, May 30, 2011

THE government is concerned that people are illegally collecting fees from unwary people under the guise of arranging sea­-sonal work visas in Australia and New Zealand, Alexis Maino said.
“The PNG seasonal workers coordination of­fice has received complaints from prospective seasonal workers that people representing la­bour hire entities are allegedly collecting between K500 and K3,000 per person to process papers,” Maino, the PNG seasonal wor­kers task force committee chairman, said.
“They promise visas and placement with far­mers in the horticulture industry in Australia and New Zealand,” he said.
“The departments of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Labour and Industrial Relations are the co-joint implementer of the PNG seasonal workers scheme through the task force and coordination office,” Mai­no said.
“The Australian de­partments of education and employment and work relations, in collaboration with other participating agencies, are responsible for the Australia’s Pacific seasonal worker pilot scheme,” Maino said.
“Presently, the PNG and New Zealand governments are discussing a similar MoU or Agency Agreement for PNG seasonal workers to participate.
 “With respect to Australia’s policy, the PNG government determined it will manage all aspects of the seasonal worker la­bour sending arrangements until the programme is  reviewed next year,” he said.
The statutory fees are:
* Expression of interest application form – free;
* Birth certificate ap­plication form – K25; 
* PNG passport application form – K100; 
* PNG passport re­ne­wal fee – K50;
* RPNGC police clearance form – K10; and
* Medical report from government hospital – K20.