Appoint boss for water company


THE recently merged water company, Water PNG and Eda Ranu, has no permanent managing director yet.
Raka Taviri Jr was acting on the position for more than two years.
With new amendments to the water company, Taviri stepped aside and a new and permanent managing director was supposed to be appointed.
This has taken months and the Government has just merged a working company into a dysfunctional company.
Many water projects around Port Moresby were on hold and one of the main reasons staff and management say is that the company is merged.
They said they were still waiting for new bosses to take the projects forward. With this kind of laziness and procrastination on many water projects, it’s very frustrating.
Can Prime Minister James Marape and State-owned Enterprises Minister William Duma make permanent appointment of the new managing director so that all outstanding water projects can start?
In Moresby North West, there was some funding made available to Eda Ranu but since the merger, all these projects were put on hold.
Proper and permanent management of the new water company is timely.

K. Agelavu
Moresby North West