Appoint people based on merit


PAPUA New Guinea is filled with brilliant thinkers and strategists.
It is filled with planners and developers.
Political cronyism, bribery, nepotism and other forms of corruption are killing this country.
If we focus on “merit based appointments”, Papua New Guinea will be back on track towards better and quality outcomes in planning and development of policies and laws for the betterment of our country.
I can see that too many brilliant PNG citizens at their prime are displaced and replaced by political and other reasons.
After 46 years, we need maturity in our systems, processes and procedures in our Government to make better and informed decisions going forward.
We cannot employ and trust mediocre personnel to key positions of the Government and expect quality input in any work assigned.
Qualified citizens need to be employed in key positions in Government to deliver quality outcomes for PNG.
We need to start afresh after this general election with the new government.
Remaining hopeful.

Samson Komati