Appointment of Chimbu admin


THE article in The National yesterday (June 18) about the Chimbu administrator’s job cannot go unchallenged.
Governor Michael Bogia Dua’s comment that the National Executive Council (NEC) should observe proper process is uncalled for.
The NEC in its wisdom advised the Department of Personal Management (DPM) to advertise the position, which is the proper process to follow.
However, the Provincial Executive Council (PEC) had recommended that Joe Kunda Naur’s term be extended for another four years when it expired in October last year.
The NEC rejected the PEC’s recommendation in January to make the incumbent take up an acting role for three months.
The position can be advertised to give everyone an equal chance.
The advertisement was not facilitated by the Chimbu provincial administration and was unnecessarily delayed.
The advertisement came out last month and closed on Friday (June 15).
This is the process that should have been followed in the first place.
The governor should advice the incumbent to apply for the post rather than trying to defend him through the media.
We, the people of Chimbu, hope to see a permanent administrator in some weeks’ time.

Kamkinde nem
Motukea Island

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