Appointment procedures not followed

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday 07th Febuary 2012

I WISH to register my disappointment in the way the head of government departments and statutory bodies are appointed.
Don’t we have a body within the Public Service Commission (PSC) or Department of Personnel Management (DPM) to screen applicants?
I feel for the officers from the PSC and DPM for going through this mammoth task of doing their job diligently only to find politicians hijacking the system by appointing wantoks for their own selfish gains.
A good example is the DAL saga.
Former secretary Anton Benjamin’s term expired and he was appointed as acting secretary while the position was advertised.
Applications were re­ceived, screened and pro­cessed for a permanent appointment.
While this process was going on, Dr Ila’ave Vele was appointed as acting DAL secretary.
How can we have ano­ther acting secretary?
I call on Minister for Agriculture and Livestock Sir Puka Temu to explain the appointment of Vele, who was not an applicant, hence not shortlisted for the job.

Miamil Kamasua
Laswara Sinasina, Chimbu