Appointments still a concern

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 17th, 2013

 DEVELOPING the hu-man resource of Bou-gainville is what we should be placing more emphasis on.

Instead, we are still undecided on where our money should be spent. 

The recent programme on human re-source development in Bougainville, which is usually funded by AusAID is a boost for the people of Bougain-ville. 

Public servants are usually sent to study to grow their skills and abilities so that they can come back and develop the province which has been degraded by the civil war. 

Bougainville is a “claim-driven” province whereby its finances are manipulated by unnecessary claims and disputes that arise when people smell the arrival of millions of kina in the province’s coffers. 

The provincial administrator of the day has a mammoth task in closely monitoring and approving such claims, often exceeding K10,000. 

However, it is apparent such claims are prioritised according to the wantok system, causing a pileup.

Unneccasary suffering is created for genuine claimants.

We, the majority, support the autonomous region’s government but it is the people in the system who are causing havoc and setbacks to the development of the province. 


Blaque Bobby