Appreciating the toil of truckers


I HAVE travelled to many of our Highlands Provinces including Madang and Morobe.
The national highway starting from these two Mamose provinces leading up to the last highlands is very poor, risky and dangerous.
Hence, taking many risks, facing problems and even suffering and struggling only to deliver goods and services to the people, the humble truck drivers strive to and from our so called highway.
When we are fast asleep in the comfort of our homes during good and bad times, they pass by with the trembling Kennworth Noise.
Very tiring and risky but they are always there whenever duty calls for a delivery destination.
Without them, there would not be any bread and butter or rice and canned fish, and the list goes on .
I want to take this opportunity and humbly congratulate and thank all the hardworking truck drivers to and from the highlands highway.
You may be a coastal or a highlander.
You left your family homes and provinces for the benefit of the people and I thank you for efforts you’ve input and may God richly bless and protect you all always.
Without their help and efforts, we would not achieve many of our daily chores and tasks with food, clothes, tools, etc.
Once more, I’m appealing to the public to respect our truck drivers when they are passing by and through and facing difficulties and struggles on their way, instead of looting, should we consider helping them!
Always remember: Because of them, buses and cars are running, shops are operating, businesses are growing and life goes on.

John Wadidika,

One thought on “Appreciating the toil of truckers

  • Amen John! God bless them and their families. Just like pilots grazing the sky and sailors in the ocean, their families’ expect them home safe and sound after every treacherous trips thousands of kilometers on land delivering much needed supplies to sustain our very lives.
    Challenge is on us all decent Papua New Guineans to get the message across to our countrymen not to take advantage of their helpless conditions when such happens at their area.

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