Approach to fight GBV not clear


DOMESTIC violence, especially violence against women, is a hot topic today in our country.
The move by some governors recently to fight this issue must be commended and be seen as a way forward.
Having said that, the method that will be used to fight this issue is not that clear.
Amendments and enactments of laws for the past decades to fight domestic violence have failed to control the persistent rise in violence against women.
Be that as it may, by looking at the social, scientific and physical characteristics of people and even nature, one will come to appreciate the different qualities and characteristics they possess.
With those differences, we all work for one thing, survival.
Women and men are socially, scientifically and physically different and possessed different qualities but they complement each other.
Historically, women were cursed to experience pain during childbirth while men were cursed to cultivate land and look after the family through their sweat.
It was fair, there was no discrimination.
Violence against women happens because men use their masculinity to solve problems.
Men abuse women because they are physically strong, which is somewhat natural.
Women however, without masculinity, should be able to coexist peacefully with men, to compliment them.
It is known that women possess the spell of ‘cunningness’ and ‘provocation’.
A person once said “don’t breathe life into something you want to kill.”
Therefore, I believe by making laws that support women’s rights, we are breathing life into the very source of domestic violence.
With such laws and the advancement in technology, women will take advantage of that and be more provocative and cunning.
When that happens, they will easily wake the beast in men.

E. U

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  • Best answer to GBV is for us to read, study and understand what the Bible says about a man and woman and marriage and accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour.
    We’ve been deviating from God’s words bkos or Western developed nations influences. One can’t add or subtract to/from God’s pure words in the Holy Bible.

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