Appropriate qualification needed


NOW the times of having diplomas and first degree holders to run the colleges are over.
We are now moving into an era of changes and, therefore, college principals require master’s level education to run the colleges.
Now that we got enough masters holders around in this country, the job of a principal to be left to masters holders only, and not the first degree holders or less as is the case now in most of our colleges in PNG.
If the country wants concrete changes in our colleges in Papua New Guinea, we need to have
the right manpower to run the colleges.
As it is now we got so many
first degree holders around and the job of administering the colleges are to be left to the masters holders, only then we will see the kind of changes that we deserve in colleges.
As it is now, most of the colleges in this country are not picking up well in terms of progress and infrastructural improvements or developments.
It is about time the government or the responsible agencies of the government need to put a bit of change in their minds the way things are done by having appropriate qualified personnel to manage colleges.
The job of managing a college is something of someone with wider understanding of modern management practices and approaches, and not of persons lacking appropriate management practices and approaches.
The country needs better
managers to run the colleges if this country is serious enough to change the course the colleges are taking.
As it is now, it is very obvious
that a lot of college administrators lack proper management approaches to get the colleges to the next level.
And, therefore, the responsible government agencies need to appoint appropriate qualified administrators to run the colleges in the best interest of stakeholders and recipients.

Big Jay
Via email