Aptitude test a must for cops

Letters, Normal

I CALL on the RPNGC to seriously consider setting up a rehabilitation centre to enable serving police personnel to undergo check-ups every six months and take an aptitude test as well.
The Police Minister must treat this seriously because many of our police personnel are psychologically unfit to analyse what is right and wrong.
As a result, this has created unnecessary fear among the public because they see our policemen as bullies, abusers and empty between the ears.
I have lost count of the number of times I have seen our policemen belting and terrorising innocent people, women and children included.
The latest incident was last Saturday when two policemen literally pulled a young man out of a vehicle and used him as a punching bag and their workout would have made Mike Tyson proud.
Why can’t the policemen take the man to the police station and question him?
This incident scared the life out of me and I am sure other onlookers were just as shocked to see the brutal beating as I was.
I have lost the trust and confidence in our police as they are no better than raskols.
I agree with the comments of POMGH emergency physician Dr Sam Yockopua (The National, Oct 21) that our policemen cannot go around belting people up.
I call on Police Commissioner Gari Baki and NCD metropolitan commander Chief Supt Fred Yakasa to build a police ward for the victims their officers bashed.
And by the way, our police personnel must also attend basic English communication course as many of them cannot speak proper English.


Port Moresby