Arabica growers compete for best coffee


SEVENTEEN Arabica coffee growers have passed a regional coffee competition by adopting new practices to produce better quality coffee.
The growers are improving their gardens under a public-private partnership arrangement with Coffee Industry Corporation’s productive partnerships in agriculture project (CIC-PPAP).
They have proceeded to the 2018 National Coffee Cupping Contest in Port Moresby.
Project manager Potaisa Hombunaka said it was a remarkable achievement in quality production.
“Only 20 PPAP groups entered the regional contest last month and for 17 to be in the top 67 for the national challenge is a notable achievement,” he said.
“Credit must go to the respective growers and lead partners for their commitment to adopt new practices.
“The distribution of tools and materials like hand-pulpers and visqueen plastic for solar drying of parchment coffee, drying on raised beds and storing in coffee storage to produce quality coffee are showing results.”
Of the 17, five are from Jiwaka operating under lead partner Kosem Coffee Ltd, the Lower Jimi Coffee Growers of Jiwaka is taking part with lead partner, the Anglican Church of PNG (Diocese of Aipo Rongo).
Four groups are from Morobe – Gamin of Wain LLG, Nawaeb, Ninwan of Markham, Ke-Rural and Pelato of Bulolo. They operate under lead partner Niugini Coffee, Tea and Spice Ltd.
Two groups are from the remote Obura-Wanenara district in Eastern Highlands – Habina and Bara Buna Resource Centres. The lead partner is Obura-Wanenara
Coffee Cooperative Society Ltd.
Sena Mama Donito group from the Mt Michael Range in Lufa district, Eastern Highlands, has lead partner in CDA Goroka. The group is led by Maria Kanefa.
CDA Goroka, a non-governmental organisation, also has one representation from Wantrifu village in Asaro Valley, Eastern Highlands.
Enga is represented by a group from Task Valley under lead partner Wapenamanda Coffee Factory Ltd and also aKaiap growers’ group from Monakam, in the Ambun sub-distirct of Enga. The lead partner is Wabag Catholic Diocese Heart Cooperative.
Lead partner CDA Gumini, of Chimbu, has one representation in ADCD (ALEK) farmer group.
The growers under the groups are adopting improved practices, including the use of hand-pulpers for the wet processing of cherries with clean water and drying of parched coffee on raised beds.
Their coffees are being tested for acidity, body, flavour and sweetness, with 55 other PNG coffees.