Archbishop sees need for more technical schools to be built


Every district in the country should have its own technical school run by a partnership between the church and government, Mt Hagen Catholic Archbishop Douglas Young says.
Young said the Mt Hagen Catholic Archdiocese covers Jiwaka and Western Highlands and runs five technical vocational schools at Fatima, St Paul’s, Banz, Rebiamul, and Kuli.
He said skills training is vital, and as the country continues to produce office workers a balance should be reached in the technical environment.
Young said technical colleges can help school dropouts find work.
He said many grade 12 students are not able to do further education in universities and therefore become unemployable, running the risk of being on the street doing drugs and crime.
Technical schools can stop young people like that from falling through the gaps.
“Technical schools will teach them carpentry, farming skills, and other trade skills,” Young said.
“They can make a living out of these skills, instead of roaming around aimlessly.”

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