Are execs waking from a slumber?


COMMENT with reference to your article on page 11 in The National on Dec 2 with the headline “Sector needs regulation: Official”.
It is amazing for the acting managing director of Small to Medium Enterprises Corporation to come out in the media and talk about what needs to be regulated and that a lot more needs to be done about the sector.
It is as if the managing director and his organisation has woken up from a slumber.
The problems and the needs in the sector have been there all along since SMEs were created from independence.
Please do not talk about what needs to be done now when SME Corporation was established in 2014.
Five years later and you’re talking about what should be done.
Really? This is uncalled for.
SoE leaders including SME Corporation executives should not say anything if they have nothing better to say.
Not at this time especially when the Government under Prime Minister James Marape is optimistic and has pumped in millions to push SME sector forward.
It is also not good to talk like that in front of development partners who are facilitating support mechanisms.
Give the SME sector in PNG hope. SME Corporation is the peak organisation therefore its a/MD cannot be talking negative.
Over to you SME Corporation Board and Minister for Commerce and Industry.

Peter Andrew,
SME Operator