Are leaders in Goroka turning a blind eye to pressing issues?


GOROKA town has lost all credibility because of poor leadership.
It is now going out of control, with little authority in place.
People do as they wish because there is no official direction or control on how they should operate within the State or town boundaries.
People are taking advantage of the silence and lack of leadership shown by the Eastern Highlands provincial government, including all eight national leaders, and are doing as they please.
There’s no control over how and where they trade. People are selling stuff anywhere and everywhere as long as space is available. As a result the town is full of rubbish and is filthy.
You see animal and human waste nearly everywhere.
There are also land issues with the claiming of State-reserve land is also the rise.
The authorities need to explain how people moved into the land below last Moi, adjacent to the airport, and the land behind Steakhouse, for example. How did they acquire the land?
To make things worse, those people are building infrastructures right into the highway.
All these things are happening before the eyes of our so-called leaders, yet no one is doing anything about it.
The leaders pretend that everything is fine and confined to the corridors of their offices they have lost touch.
They give all their time and effort to money coming from Waigani and have no time to manage and control the people.
Before our beautiful Goroka town is destroyed, our leaders must wake from their slumber and address these issues.
We all need to wake up and do the right thing.
Let’s make Goroka great again.

Tru Apoman
Eddie Lowa

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