Are the churches getting it wrong?


AS a young man who grew up in church, I’ve realised that one of the major obstacles the churches face is their failure to understand how to bring people together in the way God intended.
The members within a church denomination think that the establishment of philosophical doctrines are an essential part of how to convince people to get into churches.
Preaching is not about getting numbers into churches.
We see and hear people preaching doctrines and not the gospel truth that the nation needs.
In PNG, different local churches preach different doctrines which only helps to confuse people.
We don’t need machine guns, pigs or money to bring peace into this land. All we need is love, forgiveness and unity.
Despite the differences in doctrines, days of worship, let’s just unite as Christian brothers.
Pray with boldness in faith for God to help this country.

Evan Steven Kundal

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