Are we ready to slog it out?

Letters, Normal

I AM sick of people accusing Asians of stealing their jobs and business opportunities.
Like anywhere else in the world, jobs would go to the best candidates available while businesses are open to anyone who has the means, willingness and courage to start one.
Who would want to hire a person who turns up for work as and when he likes or takes home company property which catches his fancy?
No one is preventing Papua New Guineans from securing a decent job or starting their own businesses.
More often than not, they are the problem.
My company, for example, would prefer to employ a Papua New Guinean than a foreigner for several reasons.
First, we have to find a suitable candidate.
Then we have to apply for his work permit and visa which will cost a few thousand kina and will take some months.
Then, of course, there is the issue of pay and benefits as the person would most probably be already employed and, to move, would expect a better package.
It is no secret that many Papua New Guineans are unable to keep a job for long due to certain common factors.
I am sure those who report for work when they are supposed to and carry out their responsibilities efficiently and diligently are doing well and fairly rewarded.
Some have complained that they cannot get loans.
Again, why would financial institutions loan out money to people who do not have an inkling of how to start a business or the potential to operate a business responsibly?
So instead of complaining and blaming others, I would suggest that we take an honest look at ourselves.
By all means, please prove me wrong.
I would also be happy to see more Papua New Guineans occupying senior positions in companies and operating successful businesses, whether big or small.
Are we ready for the challenge?
Or do we prefer to complain and wait for handouts?


Port Moresby