Armed robber shot dead

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AN armed robber was killed by police on Friday afternoon after he and four other men robbed a shop at North Waigani, metres from the police station.
Police at the scene refused to speak to The National however details were later released through the office of NCD Met Supt Perou N’Dranou and the NCD/Central Command Facebook page.
Three other suspects managed to escape, however police who responded to the incident, say they managed to shoot one of the suspects before he disappeared at Morata No.2.
According to police, the five-man gang were in the process of robbing a Bangladeshi-owned shop when two police vehicles arrived at the Waigani police station.
One vehicle had gone to the Waigani market and the other, a Fox Unit (203) vehicle, was around the station when the first police vehicle made a call out of a robbery in progress.
The robbers arrived in a Hyundai Tucson, stormed into the shop at Waigani and were leaving the scene when they were pursued by police towards Morata.
The police and robbers exchanged gunfire as the getaway vehicle headed to the PNG Power substation at Morata No.2
One suspect was killed after being shot in the head, another was shot in the leg and captured while another suspect with a gunshot wound managed to escape with two others.
Police cordoned off the area and called a medical crew from St John Ambulance to take the injured man to the hospital.
Police are continuing their search for the three suspects that have escaped.


  • They think they are becoming more confident and daring these days because they are capable of matching the firepower of the police force. However, death will always be their wage.

  • Law and order is definitely an hindrance to peace and biggest barrier to service delivery and economic growth which creates jobs. Adult man stealing from another man’s hard earned money using a weapon is shame. Did this man deserve to die? Did he ask to die? Did he bring upon himself? Being a rascal is not the only way to earn money. Change your mind set, work hard and earn your living

  • Well said Okae, for the wages of sin is death, so be it. PNG should prosper from Tourism as number one money earner like Australia when we get rid of all the Raskols in this country.

  • Wontoks and relatives of such person dont ask govt for compensation, just forget about them. Shameful stealing from others peoples sweat.

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