Aroma Coast 7s to expose hidden talents

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WARI Vele Aroma Rugby Sevens! ‘One People, One Coastline, Aroma’, Magelo Kapuna!
That is what the former Aroma Coastline Sevens will be for the next five years, as declared by Wari Vele Agencies’ representative Vela Vele yesterday at the tournament launching, at the Port Moresby Country Club.
The company, with a long history of sponsorships with different codes and levels of sports, yesterday committed K50,000 prizemoney to this year’s event.
The tournament is scheduled from March 19-20.
The company will also shoulder costs of logistics, apart from the cash prizes.
“Sponsorship has been part of our life. It has been a part of the company’s history and we have lost count.
“However, what matters most are we have always tried as much as possible to share our blessings with those less fortunate or less privileged than us,” Vele said.
 “We hope that through these tournaments, families, villages and individuals will unite,  discipline and self-respect will be instilled, and stars will be created and go onto the national and international arena,” he added.
Tournament technical director Billy Rapilla thanked Vele and the company for its support and commitment to Aroma for the next five years.
“On behalf of the organising committee, I sincerely thank Wari Vele Agencies, for putting this together.
“Your involvement will now help source and expose the untapped talent around Aroma, as well as drive the message that this tournament has been the vehicle,”  Rapilla said, before thanking the company.
The tournament started early last year, which saw a group of players from the village come through to the town competition and onto national representative duties, with Gavuone journeyman, Kojo Ware, a testimony of its success.
Ware  has gone on to represent the country in the PNG sevens team, over last year and early this year.
“The future looks good, but it will be challenging, and needs us all to put our heads together for the good of our people,” Rapilla added.
There will be a managers meeting next Tuesday in Port Moresby.
More information can be obtained from tournament director Pala Leva on 7215 9642.