Aroma Coastline Sevens deferred

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THE Aroma Coastline Sevens (AC7s) has been deferred to March 19-20, tournament director Pala Vele said yesterday.
The event, previously marked for the end of January, has been rescheduled, to allow organisers time to settle outstanding issues and give them timeto prepare properly.
All teams from last year’s tournament have confirmed their participation, with interest spreading to the other villages.
Warumana, Paramana, Pelegai, Wairavanua, Kelerakwa, Gavuone, Kapari, Viriolo and Harlequins from last year will be present, with interest extending to the Maopa area.
Villages from the area preparing for the event are Gaivakala, Egalauna, Kwalu Vouvou and Kalapa.
“Villages have called saying they were looking forward to next week’s tournament but we told them about the change. They now have a little more time to prepare, he said.
Vele assured the Aroma Coast supporters and followers that the tournament would go ahead because it promoted unity amongst people through rugby union.
The aim of the tournament was to introduce and develop the code in the region, with the hope of paving a pathway for Aromas potentially talented players.
It would help expose the players to higher level competitions.
The proof of the success was the performance of the AC7s team winning last year’s Rookies Sevens tournament, qualifying for the Cup semi finals in the Kundu 2 PNG 7s.
There also six players in the train-on squad from the village.
These players were Iala Roko (Pelagai), Heni Herea (Pelagai), Pala Volu (Paramana), Raikarawa Moere (Warumana), Willie Rapilla and Kojo Ware (Gavuone).
Heni Herea and Kojo Ware made an impact for the Mini Games team to Cook Islands last year.
Ware is currently in the PNG 7s team to travel to the IRB New Zealand 7s tournament.
A maximum of 16 teams will make up the pools for this year, four more than last year, with the draws to be launched in mid-February.