Arrange direct flights to all regions


THE Government should arrange for direct flights to the four regions in the country to help the people save travel costs.
Transiting through Port Moresby and on to other centres is a costly exercise and needs to be addressed by the Government through the Civil Aviation Ministry. Business travel becomes too costly when transiting through Port Moresby.
The Highlands Highway is not safe to travel because of armed hold-ups leaving air transport the safest mode of transport.
For a start, create weekly direct flights to all the regions at affordable rates.
The business and working class can afford it but how about the small people?
I think is unfair.
The Civil Aviation Safety Authority needs to look into this and make proper arrangements to connect all the regions.
When Travel Air was in operation, it made travel easier with direct flights.
That is service and airline companies need to focus on it and make sure people are well served.
While the country is facing financial constraints, the Government needs to look at the cost of living as well.
We need the Government to look into this matter and address it because many of us have been facing problems with that kind of travelling arrangements.
I feel that this concern is very important.

Simeon Berum, Mt Hagen