Arrest brainless bloke, cops

Letters, Normal

CAN someone at NCDC or RPNGC Traffic division please tell me if there are any laws against putting empty aluminium cans in the middle of the road for cars to run over.
I live at Gerehu and each morning I drive to Boroko East to drop my son at his school.
There is a certain bloke who put empty cans in the middle of the road for motorists to run over near the Boroko market.
It is an eye-sore and pose a danger for motorists and the man.
This morning (March 17), he was almost hit by a car when he tried to retrieve an empty can.
The driver swerved to the side and missed knocking a pedestrian by inches.
In the process, the driver at the back hit his brakes hard and the passenger smashed her face on the windscreen as a result.
Can we please outlaw this practice?
It is outright dangerous.


Port Moresby