Arrest disobedient bus crew


THE PMVs are currently carrying more than 15 passengers on board.
The drivers and crews are not practicing the new normal.
They are allowing people without masks to get on their buses.
Even the drivers and their crews are not wearing masks.
Social distancing is not practiced on PMVs.
Can the good Pandemic Controller David Manning get his police to arrest and charge those ignorant PMV owners and operators?

Mangi Morata


  • Yes lots of bus crews and drivers are loading more than 15 or full house and charging K1.50. Then when people question why charging K1.50 when it’s over loaded, bus crews and drivers talk nonsense like fools. Attitude problem freaks. And there are hardly any signs of Mr Nelson Terema and his traffic officers. Only good for mauswara and no action. Toke to change this pretending boss. Her someone who will serve not boss and talk from his comfortable chair.

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