Arrest of Potape questionable

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday 08th November 2011

I REFER to your report “Potape charged” (Nov 2).
Since this government came into office, the sweep team was formed to weed corruption from the highest level down.
The people welcomed the move as millions, if not billions, of kina has been misused with no tangible development.
Out of the 89 districts, Komo-Margarima, under the leadership of Francis Potape is way ahead in terms of basic infrastructure development.
A team of fraud squad members was on the ground recently and they conducted interviews with all the relevant stakehol­ders.
They have seen the infrastructure established on the ground, and the notable ones are:
1.    Margarima health centre;
2.     Wabia health centre;
3.    Komo health centre;
4.    Hulia-Beneria feeder road; and
5.    Margarima police barracks.
For the police to arrest and interrogate the leader is questionable.
Komo-Margarima is the hub of LNG activities and we are in the construction phase.
I call on the prime minister to intervene.

Tai Apa