Arrest those carrying weapons in public: CJ

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CHEIF Justice Sir Salamo Injia has tasked police in Wabag to arrest people carrying bush knives in public places and lock them behind bars.
“I don’t like people with bush knives in public places. Arrest and lock them up,” Sir Salamo said.
Speaking at the official opening of the legal year in Wabag last Friday, Sir Salamo said, before a big crowd, that the police should not allow people with harmful weapons to move about freely in public places including towns, markets and roadsides.
He said cases of deaths involving the unlawful use of small knives, bush knives and axes were alarming in the country, mainly in Enga province, and the police had a mammoth job to do in bringing the culprits to the process of justice.
Sir Salamo said Wabag was the headquarters for the people of Enga and those who lived close to the town must respect the public by leaving their knives at home before coming to town.
He said knives were designed for specific purpose including cutting grass, gardening and preparing of meals at home, but instead, they were being used to harm people.
He also urged the police to crackdown on people who were consuming alcohol in public places.
Sir Salamo said alcohol must be consumed only at designated places like lodges and hotels.
“If people are drinking in public places, they should not be allowed to go without being arrested.
“They must also be punished.”
Sir Salamo said he had briefed the new resident judge for Wabag, Justice Graham Ellis, to be hard on those who appear in court for offences related with the unlawful use of knives and consuming beer and marijuana.