Arrested ten claim foul play

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The National, Friday July 26th, 2013

 UNDUE influence and bribery  is being alleged by six policemen and four civilians who were arrested and charged with armed robbery in Malalaua district, Gulf, last month.

The 10, Paul Bari, Terry Wellam, Jackson Wundia, Barnabas Nablup, Bill Vere, Kiwi Damua, Joe Morex, Steven Opi, Douglas Kom and Sheddy Avana signed a statement yesterday saying that on Tuesday, July 23, they were visited in their Boroko cells by a police officer who had assisted in their arrest and were told to “organise something so they can get out”.

They said they were asleep when a constable known to them came into the cell and told them in a loud voice in Tok Pisin: “Hey. Get up. Why are you sleeping? 

“If you sleep you will end up in jail. This matter is serious. Get up and organise something so you can get out.”

The statement said the constable reeked of alcohol.

The constable then proceeded to tell them: “Boys, all of you must agree. If you want to be free go then tell Michael (a Chinese national involved in the case) to give us some money and we will destroy your case.

“While he was talking to us there were continuous ringing of his mobile phone and he told us that (a policeman) was calling to see how far we have gone with the deal and negotiation and whether we agree to the deal or not,” the group said in a statement.

“We told him (constable) that we have been arrested for armed robbery and detained for more than two weeks now and we suffered inside as well as our families. 

“What you are saying now is not going down well with us. We will all face it at the court house.

“If you people win than all of us here will go to jail and if we win than good luck for us. We told him to leave.”