Artango in 9th place

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 31st, 2013


THE only female candidate, Rudy Artango, who is contesting the Wampar local level government president’s seat in Huon Gulf, Morobe, is trailing in ninth place with 412 votes.

Primary counting will end today and the elimination process will begin tomorrow, Wampar assistant returning officer Cliff Motec Wembiviong said yesterday.

He said with two of the 14 ballot boxes yet to be counted, the top five candidates were Bob Sagaling on 802 votes, Alois Pandum on 679 votes, Peter Namus on 627, Kowak Andrew on 621 votes and Sasi Lemek on 593 votes. Namus is the outgoing president.

“The only female candidate among 32 men, Rudy Artango, is facing stiff challenge and trailing in ninth place with 412 votes,” Wembiviong said.

He added that counting began on Monday with 10 ballot boxes from Wampar urban including Five-Mile to Busanim then Mama-Bogeba to Nowah-Tararan and two boxes 

from lower Watut.

“Only two boxes were remaining  of which the primary counting will be completed today and elimination process will begin tomorrow,” Wembiviong said.

He said that polling and counting were peaceful with the declaration to be held in the Wampar LLG council chamber.