Aspiring lawyer Michael wants to repay his parents


MANY children will never forget watching their parents struggle every day to put food on the table, buy their clothes and pay for their education.
One of them is Michael John, 24, from Paip village in Kumpiam, Enga but was brought up with his brother and two sisters in Jiwaka.
His parents are farmers who never went to school. He cannot forget how they have tried their best all along to provide the best for their children from what little they have.
Michael is training to become a lawyer. In fact he is into the final stages now after being accepted as a trainee lawyer at the Legal Training Institute this year.
He wants to be qualified and start working so that he could look after his parents and repay their hard work and sacrifices.
“It wasn’t that easy coming this far. The challenges were sometimes unbearable but I had to understand my family’s background. What little was provided for me I managed to use for the right purpose. I was able to survive.”
Michael is the youngest of four children born and raised in Jiwaka where his parents moved to from Enga.
Michael completed primary education in 2010 at the Kujip Primary School. He complete secondary education at the Fatima Secondary School in 2014 where he received the Social Science dux award with his Grade 12 certificate.

“ When I complete my studies here and if I manage to secure a job, the priority will be my parents and people who supported me despite their own commitments.”

He wanted to study law and was accepted by the University of PNG in 2015. But he had to withdraw because his family did not have enough money to pay his tuition fees.
In 2016, he reapplied and was accepted. He completed his studies at the law school last year. Now he is into the last stage before being admitted to the bar.
“Law school is very tough. To reach the final year, one had to be very committed. I put so much effort into my studies although sometimes I had low marks. It did not discourage me. I worked hard to get through.”
Michael thanks his three older siblings for their support in paying his tuition fees during the four years at UPNG.
He also thanks God for helping him overcome challenges.
“I dearly thank God for everything. God has been my strength. Without Him I foresaw a failure. So I decided to go through my studies with a Bible in my hand. This paid off. God does things in His own way and timing. He has always been there for me when I needed help the most.”
He hopes to join Government.
“I have a dream to be a State lawyer. If God can open the way, I’ll join either the office of the public solicitor or the prosecution after the training at LTI.
“When I complete my studies here and secure a job, the priority will be my parents and the people who supported me despite their own commitments.”
John can’t wait for the day when he will tell his parents to finally put away their gardening tools so that he can take care of them and repay the debt he knows he owes them.

One thought on “Aspiring lawyer Michael wants to repay his parents

  • Thanks Michael you have a great vision, where there is vision, there also is provovision, provision is from the Lord,
    When Joshua arrived at His destiny, along with others who sojourned with him, they forgot the one provided to come into promises of the LORD, when seeing that he said, ” me & my family will serve the Lord.” continue to serve
    the one who bring you to that place……

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