Assault cases involve all

The National, Thursday July 21st, 2016

People today think that assault cases do not involve educated people but that is not true, a magistrate says.
Magistrate Laura Kuvi pointed this out to Ali Teine Maini Apa from Gumine in Chimbu at the Boroko District Court, after hearing his court assault case on Tuesday.
Ali, who is out on K200 bail, was charged for one count of assault under Section 6 (3) of the Summary Offenses Act.
“It is unfortunate that you are here before the court for an assault case,” Kuvi said.
“Most people today think that assault cases are not for educated and sophisticated people like you and your wife. But this idea is not true. Today the court receives assault cases every day, week, and month; most are domestic issues. Many people are now ending up in court for assault cases.”
She told the couple that both seemed to be educated and should be able to avoid such cases.
The couple has six children but had been continuously fighting.
Kuvi advised the couple to seek counselling from an external non-partial party; someone not related to either the husband or wife.
The court suspended Apa’s 12-month sentence and placed him a 12-month good behavior bond. Apa was ordered to pay compensation.