Assault on woman triggers move by farmers to stay away


Farmers from Brown River in Kairuku-Hiri, Central, will not supply fresh garden produce to Port Moresby during the festive season because of the assault on a woman from Goilala at the bus stop at Gordon.
The woman suffered a broken arm, said farmers’ representative, Max Bawai, a retired military officer.
“We know that it would be worse during the festive season so we will stop the supply of fresh produce to the city,” he said.
Bawai said the decision was made at a meeting of community leaders.
“This agreement comes after the recent incidents and attacks on our people in ward 17 who were standing at the bus stop and doing business,” Bawai said.
He said the closure of Gordon Market had forced vendors to sell at bus stops because it was easier to go home from there.
Vendors who used Gordon Market have been encouraged to move to Boroko Market but Bawai said that is too far and it does not have enough space. Getting there is more expensive, he said.
“A lady from Goilala had been bashed up for selling her garden produce at a bus stop at Gordon which resulted in her arm being broken,” he said.
“Because there were no separate venue, vendors are looking for alternates and bus stops were such.
“Our MP must address this issue as it had affected our livelihood.”