Assaulted by cops, beer confiscated for no reason

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday July 18th, 2013

 THE three of us were waiting for a taxi to take us home at Waigani service station between 7 and 8pm on July 3. 

We had a carton of beer in a shopping bag. 

A police dog utility with four policemen stopped at the station, slapped us and without a word, took our bag of beer and sped off in their car. 

We were not drunk, rowdy or unruly and we respect our wantok, Peter Guinness, the police boss. 

We had not broken any rules in the book, so why such behaviour from policemen that we are supposed to trust? 

What has happened to the stolen beer? 

Is there a place where police keep stolen property or have the policemen drunk it? 

Over to you, Commissioner Tom Kulunga.


Angoram Open ESP candidate, Via email