Assembly members vow to work together


NEWLY appointed members of the Jiwaka assembly and executive council have vowed to work together with the people.
Philip Amdi, an ex-officio member of the assembly, said they were ready to work Governor Dr William Tongamp, his deputy Opai Kunagel and council members.
“Everyone must cooperate and respect the Tongamp-Kunagil government and the provincial executive council to drive Jiwaka forward,” Amdi said.
“As a new province, we have a lot of work to do to catch up with the rest of Papua New Guinea.
“Tongamp has been working alone in the last five years.
“During this term, we must work with him because he’s got the vision to change this province.”
Amdi said the balance of power was exercised in the appointment of the assembly and council members.
“We have representatives from all the three districts of Jiwaka in the assembly and executive council,” he said. “We have experienced and young people which make up a very formidable team to drive Jiwaka forward.”

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