Assist tertiary students with tuition fees


THIS goes to all the Eastern Highlands’ MPs of the eight electorates and our good governor.
I thank you all for your outstanding leadership in the years you served.
I want to emphasise on human resource development of our province.
Human resource development is very vital for the development of our province.
Education should be given a full priority in ways such as giving more attention to assisting our tertiary students with their tuition fees.
Education is a tool for development in our province but it has been neglected by our leaders for some time.
I haven’t heard of any sponsoring of tertiary students for last three to eight consecutive years.
Only Henganofi MP Robert Atiyafa has supported tertiary students’ tuition fee since becoming MP in 2012.
If you’re a MP or a governor reading this, please don’t be offended.
I am expressing my opinion because.
I have noticed that a good number of bright students are withdrawing from study because of school fee problems.
I see only students who have parents with good financial backgrounds continuing their studies.
Why don’t our good leaders support our tertiary students consistently so we can see change in our province and district for better and quality human resource development?
It will be good to learn from Atiyafa and Enga Governor Sir Peter Ipatas.
If we want to see change, we should support our students.
We have to also consider sponsoring students to study overseas.
Can our MPs and governor consider supporting our students in the next provincial budget?

Albert Kelly
Diwai Alumnae

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