Assist with funds: Woman


WOMEN must not depend on their working husbands to provide everything but must support them whenever they can, a woman says.
Stella Peter, from Chimbu, who lives at Zero Block at Markham Bridge along the Lae-Bulolo Highway, said this when The National caught up with her at Lae’s Main Market yesterday.
She is regularly seen at the main market selling K0.50 fried peanuts, K1 boiled eggs and K0.50 shopping plastics daily to support her husband look after their small family.
With two school-aged children, Peter said she wakes up early every morning to take her products to Lae where she sells from 9am to 4pm.
“We, married women, must not wait for our husbands to do everything,” she said.
“We must get involved in marketing or other small economic activities to ease some burden off our husbands.
“We must not put more pressure on them by staying at home, just doing house chores and never help in bringing in some income into the household.”
With her marketing, she earns up to K50 a day, which she used for bus fares and help her husband put some food on the table.
Peter has been doing this over the past 10 years at Lae Main Market.

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