Association aids midwifery students

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The National, Friday, April 29, 2011

Bachelor of midwifery students at the University of Goroka had a double blessing at Easter with the Papua New Guinea-Australia Alumni Association giving them blood pressure machines. 
The machines were donated to the students in a small ceremony at the university attended by alumni Goroka chapter executives Lawrence Gerry, Dr Sam Najike and Dr Diana Ope.
Alumni Goroka chapter president Gerry said the association was a non-profit organisation whose members were people from all sectors who studied in Australia with the help of the Australian government.
He said the association had been involved in many projects in PNG over the years.
“One of the highlights of our assistance was the contribution in the writing of the government’s Vision 2050 and PNG development strategic plan 2010-30,” he said.
“The association has provided assistance to groups and individuals in terms of fulfilling the vision and plan.”
Najike challenged students in the programme to study hard and consider pursuing the many opportunities now available in Australian universities.
“Health and education are the priority areas Aus-AID is targeting and many of you should consider such opportunities,” he said.
Ope, a recent graduate from the Queensland University of Technology with a PhD, challenged students to give their best to safeguard the health of mothers and children after this programme.
As an advocate for early childhood learning, Ope stressed the need for healthy mothers and children education.