Association assisting Central Sepik students


The Central Sepik Association at the University of PNG is for the welfare of students on campus, says outgoing president Vincent Suapi at the end-of-year function at Parliament last Friday.
It was hosted by Maprik MP John Simon.
“We collect K5 annually from each student as membership fee,” Suapi said.  “We then do fundraising to increase the amount we have.
“Our parents, guardians and siblings help with fundraising.
“We also write to our MPs to assist financially.
“Most of the funds raised were spent on the welfare of the students, including those who were injured in the 2016 UPNG boycott of classes.”
Suapi said Wosera-Gawi and Marika associations came together under one umbrella as Central Sepik Association in 2002.
The association caters for students from Wosera-Gawi, Ambunti-Drekikir and Maprik districts.
Other members come from Winge, West Yangoru. They joined because of cultural and language connections.