Association concerned over stoning


A PUBLIC motor vehicle (PMV) association from Central Gazelle local level government (LLG), Gazelle, East New Britain, has raised concern over youths stoning their vehicles.
The Central Gazelle PMV Association, was established in 2018 to maintain PMV services to Central Gazelle communities.
Association president Fred Tovuna said the call was made after a meet at Takekel ward last Sunday where PMV owners said their PMVs had been stoned.
Tovuna said the association was made up of more than 200 PMV operators from the LLG that serviced four routes: 4A – Kokopo town to Kerevat; 4C – Kokopo to Kavavar; 4D – Rabaul town to Vunadidir junction; and, 4E – Rabaul town to Kerevat rural town.
“This is an important routes taken everyday, providing services to the people so for youths to stone PMVs is not good,” he said.
Tovuna said all ward members and their presidents needed to meet to address the matter and tell their youths that this type of behaviour would negatively impact the community.
“Youths, especially, doing this must stop, they must respect the PMVs as the drivers, crews and passengers safety is our concern,” he said.