Association holds workshop, aims to empower communicators

Youth & Careers

THE PNG Australia Alumni Association (PNGAAA) continues to provide ongoing support to recipients of the Australian awards scholarships.
As part of PNGAAA’s wide-ranging professional development programme available to its approximately 5,000 members, five workshops have been carried out so far since 2017, training over 150 alumni.
The Toastmasters Speechcraft workshop, recently held in Mt Hagen, was a collaboration between Australia Awards, PNGAAA and Toastmasters International.
It was held with the objective to empower alumni with skills necessary to be effective communicators and leaders in their respective fields.
Justice and Attorney General department officer Jill Goroba signed up for the workshop, as the law and justice sector presented many professional demands, not least the requirement for clear communication and persuasive advocacy.
Goroba, a statistical data entry and evaluation coordinator, was voted “most improved female” by the workshop’s 26 other participants, who came from a diverse cross-section of professions and 10 provinces.
She joined PNGAAA after having previously studied for diploma in government (management) with the support of the Australian government-funded Justice Services and Stability for Development (JSS4D) programme.
“The workshop enabled me to learn tips and insights on how to calm my nerves, write speeches, add colour to my speech with vocal variety, build confidence and improve my body posture and gestures when presenting,” Goroba said.
“I am now challenged to be actively involved in the PNGAAA National Capital District chapter and to contribute to the association’s growth and development.”

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