Association leader talks to women to support projects

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THE South Pacific Area president of the Country Women Association Gail Commens met women yesterday in Port Moresby to hear their views on agriculture, economy and culture.
The visit was about how to assist and support projects in the country.
Commens who visited Jiwaka last week inspected the projects funded by the Country Women Association of the United Kingdom.
Water tanks, sewing machines, clothes and stationery had been donated to schools.
The Association Country Women of the World headquarters in UK were always talking about women in rural areas at the United Nations. It was recently discussed in New York, Association Country Women of the World immediate past president Ruth Sharks said.
“The discussions by UN has mentioned that 75 per cent of the rural woman focused in agriculture and we would want to look into it,” Sharks said.
“The association is not always about funding projects but brings women together, share ideas and support each other in their livelihood.”
More than 20 women came from the 10 ranches in the country.

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