Association seeks funding for new centre

The National,Monday July 4th, 2016

A WOMEN’s association in Moresby North-East electorate is seeking financial assistance to help build a resource centre to provide life skills training and awareness on social issues such as alcohol and drug abuse.
President of Glory Development Back Street Women’s Association, Janet Rueben said women were struggling financially to cater for their family’s needs as most were uneducated or unemployed.
She said with the help of the resource centre, these women would be able to support their families through the skills they would be taught.
“Women who make up this association really struggle to put food on the table as well as provide school fees for their children, that is why we came together and decided to build a resource centre to educate ourselves and our children so we could become self-reliant,” Rueben said.
She said the resource centre would be used to provide educational training skills and other programmes.
Rueben said the centre would provide them the knowledge to engage in small scale income earning activities.
She said the skills taught would improve living standards of families in the communities.
“We (the association) are aware of women who are living with disabilities, widows, unemployed youths and others who are disadvantaged because of the lack of financial assistance, unemployment or are uneducated,” she said.
“So with the help of this resource centre, we will be more equipped to assist this group of people.”
Rueben said the association has already secured a land title from the Lands Department and are looking at employing surveyors and engineers for the building.