Association to assist carbon traders

National, Normal

THE Pacific International Carbon Traders Association PNG Incorporation was officially formed on Friday to look after the interests of carbon traders.
The association will also help traders in deals with individuals overseas.
Oro Landowners Association chairman, Ian Boginoba, and senior executive director for Momase region, Lucas Bimbo, announced the formation of the association and urged resource owners to form ties with the new entity.
“We have successfully registered the association with the Investment Promotion Authority,” Mr Bimbo said.
“We will now address issues of climate change and carbon trading,” he said.
The association is comprised of  20 landowner associations from each province and is supported by district and local level government councils, he said.
“We have engaged scientists, carbon trade lawyers, accountants and other carbon experts as advisers who will be directing and guiding us through the process.
“We are ready to kick off with the launch of pilot projects in various provinces,” Mr Bimbo said.
The association enables us to gain total control of our resources through a voluntary approach, Mr Boginoba said.