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THE UN Women under its Safe City Programme has engaged a consultant to conduct a capacity need assessment which will strengthen the organisational capacity of the Public Motor Vehicle (PMV) Association of the National Capital District (NCD).
Consultant Ron Flierl will be engaged for four months to work with the PMV Association on how to better manage and improve its public transport service in the city.
The PMV Association is the recognised body that advocates with government and other partners on behalf of PMV owners and operators in Port Moresby.
“I hope that by strengthening the PMV’s institutional and capacity development needs they will be able to better manage and provide a reliable transport service.
“I will conduct a Capacity Needs Assessment (CNA), Gap Analysis, of the organisations capability and capacity to meet its strategic and operational objectives given its existing internal capability and capacity.
“I will develop a capacity development plan from the findings of the CNA, where strategies are developed and implemented to close the “Gaps” identified in the CNA,” Flierl said.
“From the PMV users point of view, the value of public transport can be improved by ensuring that PMV’s complete their routes. This will ensure the commuters’ safety is improved.
“As a road user, I see a number of challenges with the current organisation.
The limited regard for safe driving practices is a problem in the city.
“In the last two weeks, I have had conversations with members of the PMV association to strengthen this body. This is a way to improve the conduct of PMV drivers on public roads,” Flierl said.
He said PMV’s in the city performed a vital service but were not controlled adequately or assisted appropriately by the relevant government departments.
Flierl said the reliability of the public transport in Port Moresby was good, but unpredictable when the PMV’s went on strike.
“We have all seen that businesses and government operations are affected when PMVs go on strike. We want safety for our women and children, but we have no other alternative, so we tolerate or manage the risks,” he said.
Flierl has years of experience working on similar programmes in the past and is currently working on the following;

  •  UN Women, for Koki Market Management,
  •  Tingim Laip Phase 2, (HIV/ AIDS programme managed by Cardno Emerging Markets)
  •  For ELCPNG (Lutheran Church)
  •  DPM GESI Branch (Under contract to EPSP managed by Coffey International)
  •  A number of District and Provincial Governments.

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