At least MP Kua is funding development work

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday October 21st, 2013

 IN response to GK Mark’s letter (The National, Oct 10), I ask that the writer and people from Sinasina-Yongomugl not to complain about any development work that is funded by current MP Kerenga Kua. 

Such projects should be welcomed since they have been lacking since the 1990s. 

I understand that the Dumun-Koge road is very essential for the flow of goods and services for the people of Suwai LLG. 

I also understand that the tribes of Numai, Kere, Kepai, Gunnaggi, Dom and Dinga benefit a lot from this road, if funded properly and upgraded satisfactorily.

But people should not complain about the Nintul-Ubanidiawa project. 

The Dumun-Koge road should have been upgraded and sealed in the past 10 years or even before that. 

Preceding MPs should have maintained main roads and upgraded feeder roads. 

I am thankful that at least one MP (Kua) has decided to fund a road project which is not in his LLG

I do not care if it is a small feeder road or a main road, as long as it is a development project that will benefit our electorate. 

Previous MP Jeffery Nape was in parliament for ten years, but has done nothing, especially the Dumun-Koge road which is at his door step. 

We do not know if the district grants were spent on any development works and where were the millions of kina budgeted by the national government each year went? 

Countrymen, if you are like me, who regularly use the Dumun-Koge road, I am sorry but we have to be patient as this it the first time in a long while for an MP to fund a road development project. 

If you are from Koge, you can still use Nintul-Ubanidiawa road, but if you are from Dinga, Dom or Gunnaggi, it is just unfortunate. 

If you are from the other two LLGs, I do not think you would have written in.


Road user