At least something is better than nothing

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday 24th January 2012

FREE Educaton! Free Health Care!     What more can you asked for?
At least the O’Neill-Namah government is putting money where its mouth is, especially on the basic needs of the people.
Let me remind critics that at least this government is doing something to ease the burden of so many people in this country.
To many, these moves may seem to be a political gimmicks but to the majority – all we are concerned about is that we will benefit from this services.
We do not really care what you think.
We the majority need basic services and this is it, finally.
To the so-called elites and bureaucrats, the money allocated to health care may seem to be not addressing the core issues, but I challenge you to stop complaining and make use of what is allocated.
I know that its a human things to complain when nothing is given but it is abnormal to continuewhinning when something has already been  given.
Remember at least something is better than nothing.
Every problem will never be solved over night but it all takes time.
So when this government is trying to do something positive let’s stop acting like the opposition with base-less criticisms.
 I appeal to the doctors and chief executive officers in various hospital to stop complaining and  make this idea work.
We doctors and CEOs are good at complaining but can we turn this seemingly “politically ideas idea” into a blessing for our people.
Money has aready been allocated so the onus is on us to budget in priority areas and effectively  use these funds.
 To Rest of the PNGeans, look at the possitive side of things.
Bush Doctor