Atiyafa: Allow students to return to classes

The National,Monday June 27th, 2016

POLICE Minister Robert Atiyafa has warned people preventing university students from returning to class that they are obstructing the rule of law.
Atiyafa said four people were arrested by police last Thursday at the University of PNG Waigani campus following the burning of vehicles and properties.
He said what the students were doing was no longer “student issues” but “law and order issues”.
“Most students are ready to go back to class,” Atiyafa said.
“But there are people, mainly non-students, acting under the influence of alcohol who are breaking the law and obstructing these students.
“This is now a law and order situation and the law will be enforced.
“My message to the students is that you have the law on your side to return to class. So do not be intimidated. Do not let these people ruin your future.”
He warned people from outside  campus who were obstructing students that police would deal with them.
Atiyafa urged the university administration to tighten its security.
He said it was important that only students, staff and others with legitimate reasons be allowed into the campus. Atiyafa said the incident that occurred at UPNG on Thursday was an example of outsiders coming onto campus and starting trouble.
“Many who were drunk were not students come onto campus and cause trouble that resulted in cars being burned and property smashed,” he said.
“This is disgraceful behaviour and will not be tolerated.”