ATMs fully stocked: Banks

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TWO commercial banks have assured their customers that their automated teller machines (ATM) in Port Moresby are expected to be back in full operation with cash in them.
The Kina Bank and Bank of South Pacific were responding yesterday to complaints by their customers that there was no cash in the machines around the city since the weekend.
A spokesperson for Kina Bank said: “There is no shortage of cash at the Kina Bank ATMs.
“Total uptime is 95 per cent.
“A couple of ATMs are experiencing technical issues that we are working on and we should have these online within the next couple of days.
“Otherwise, our ATM fleet is operating normally and they are well stocked.” BSP group chief executive officer Robin Fleming explained that most of the bank’s ATMs in Port Moresby saw a high demand for cash last weekend.
“BSP has 315 ATMs countrywide and 119 in Port Moresby,” Fleming said.
“On the morning of Friday, Jan 22, 298 of our ATMs in Papua New Guinea were fully operational and in use for our customers.
“During the course of the weekend, a higher than usual number of ATMs in Port Moresby in particular, experienced high demand for cash withdrawals.
“By early Monday morning, the number of ATMs operational had reduced to 244 with 31 ATMs being out of cash and another 33 ATMs low on certain denominations of cash.”


  • All businesses regardless of whether big or small including SME, should be encouraged to use EFTPOS machines to the lowest of amount of K10.00 without the imposition of fees. This will encourage customers to do direct transaction instead of the need to collect cash from the ATM machines.

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