ATMs soon in Goroka

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The National, Tuesday, May 24, 2011

GOROKA town will soon enjoy automatic telling machines (ATMs) service – thanks to Bank South Pacific.
However, this would depend on a security guarantee from surrounding local communities, BSP branch network head Kili Tambua said.
During a BSP-sponsored awareness in Goroka last Friday, outspoken community leaders were urged to spread the message of the bank’s expansion and increased business activities there.
Tambua said after careful analy­sis of situations they wanted to expand ATM services to West Goroka, town area, Goroka Hospital and the University
of Goroka.
Tambua called on the leaders to tell the people of their concerns.
But outspoken leaders Jack Gopave (Seigu), Michael Gotaha (Asariufa), Joshua Soso (Kama), Koni Sari (Okiyufa) warned the bank of the high risk it faced in Goroka.
“Goroka recommends BSP expand services after the 2012 election because the political leadership is weak and cannot support such initiatives to help in reducing security risks,” Gopave said.
He said politicians were not supporting police in Goroka.
Gopave said police were poorly equipped and could not respond quickly to law and order situations.