Atoi returns to PNC

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The National, Friday July 5th, 2013

 NORTH Bougainville MP Lauta Atoi has returned to People’s National Congress party and the government ranks.

Atoi announced this yesterday, saying although he had spent time in the Opposition he had always been a financial member of the party and had resigned from it.

He said it was the right thing to do for his people, who elected him on a PNC party ticket and wanted to see him working closely with Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to address pressing issues concerning the people of North Bougainville.

“In the time I spent with the opposition, I have observed the work of my party leader, the prime minister and I am very impressed,” he said.

“He is an intelligent and hardworking man who is committed to changing our country through the implementation of the policies of the party and government.” 

Atoi voted for the prime minister and supported a number of legislations introduced by the government from the opposition bench.

He attended the PNC convention in Lae last week.

O’Neill welcomed his decision, saying: “Lauta Atoi never left the party. 

“He was always a part of the PNC family. 

“He was just sitting in the wrong place.

“Now that he is back, we will focus on some of the challenging issues his people elected him to Parliament to address,” he said